ROGER WILLIAMS TRADING POST is a space for fair trade.
Every one is welcome, many forms of value are exchanged.
We are focusing on sourcing natural foods, now as a Cooperative Buying Club
forming around the Narragansett Bay.
The dream of Roger Williams Trading Post goes back to the 1630’s when it was
one of the earliest outposts of interaction between settlers and the local indigenous.
Roger Williams held forthright with the Sachems throughout his life, and indeed
the Land of Providence was gifted to him by Canonicus and Miantonomi,
when he had nowhere to go.
Roger Williams escaped from Salem, when an assassin was sent in January,
he ran through deep blizzard snow, alone, away from family and home,
for asking questions.
I believe the striking one was around how the colonists could claim the land as property,
when it was already inhabited by people there, who can tell you the bounds of their territory.

Roger Williams survived the winter, likely in refuge of the native people, whom he had met with
in earlier visits to learn of their language and spirituality.  He walked
from Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, to what is now Rehoboth, then scooted further,
by the Plymouth Bay Colony, to find himself landing where two rivers meet, north of Fox Point,
Providence; at a place I believe was called Tockwotton, where he was greeted, as the story goes,
by the Narragansett Sachem Canonicus, and his son Miantonomi, who welcomed him,
shared food, and granted him the right to stay and live on that land;
seeing his position, as a man who cannot return home.


This Story symbolizes another potential when cultures collide.
It is compassionate acceptance of a Life of true Brotherhood.
Roger Williams was chased from his society, for speaking truth.
He found refuge among people who accepted him as he was.

Now, I must be clear, that this story, is a Symbol.
You fill in the gaps. Look at the picture, make it up.
Read the few accounts, but really, how may you know
what transpired? I see the potential for cultures
to meet in peace and true acceptance, and amazement.

How would you & I act, being in either role of this story,
as the refugee, or as the Sachem!? Would we be sincere.

I see that everyone is quite sincere, and plenty was shared.
No walls were put up, to keep these folks out. Not until
parties from Mass.Bay & Conn. pressured and attacked
the “savages,” who had been living in peace around the
Narragansett Bay with the people of Rhode Island, for years;

Where by history’s accounts, white men rode peacefully on
horseback throughout Narragansett territory without the slightest
worry or concern of attack, more rightly hearing a greeting,
and an invitation to converse, if happened upon the road.

So let this story be an invitation for us to go back,
before a society could give us all stories about
one another. Let’s give the chance to meet in peace
upon the road; and to witness one another in life.

This is not to rewrite history, this is to wRite Now
change the paradigm so we can live in unity.
Seek deep connection and solidarity in this life.
I am humbled to see you.

With interest in the club, please email .


 Right Now РExplore the Mutual Aid Network!

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